Types of Programmes:

OPEN Programmes(Short & Long Term)

These programmes are short & long term courses on topics of general interest to the industry. These courses provide a quick refresher with basics and also present important industrially relevant advances in different technology areas. Open programmes are generally conducted at IIT Bombay campus in contact mode. However, some of the courses are now available in their web-based on-line format and can be subscribed from anywhere in the world. Similarly, a few of the courses are now being broadcast live from studios and are also simultaneously available at designated centres in India and abroad. Short courses typically run over durations from one to three days, whereas longer courses can run over durations over weeks to six months or even one year. for list of scheduled courses click here

These are short & long term courses run exclusively for a specific company or organization. In general, these are tailored to meet the specific training needs of a company or an organization. In most cases, the programmes are conducted at the site of the company or the organization. In this case also, the duration can be as short as one day to as long as one year. for flist of scheduled courses click here

Overseas Courses & Foreign Participation

A few of the popular courses of IIT Bombay have also been launched from overseas, with the help of local partners, to widen their reach beyond the national boundaries. In addition, IIT Bombay welcomes foreign nationals to attend the various open and in-house programmes that are conducted at its premises as well as elsewhere within India and abroad.

Industry professionals can undergo specific postgraduate level academic courses of IIT Bombay which are run by the institute over a semester for its own regular students. These courses involve the rigours of a normal academic course, including attendance requirements and examinations, and result in the participant earning credits with the issuance of a “Grade card” on successful completion of the course.

The courses offered under the GIAN initiative (Global Initiative for Academic Networking) of the MHRD, bring in international experts to deliver short term (5 – 10 days) course on emerging important research areas. These are open to professionals from both academic and international fraternity, as well as students. The GIAN courses are offered for credit and usually involved a substantial hands-on component as part of the course.

Golden Peacock National Training Award
for Excellence in training