With the rapid pace of growth in science & technology and frequent paradigm shifts in policy, governance and management, Continuing Education of working professionals in the industry is a vital need. The Continuing Education Programme(CEP) office at IIT Bombay has been set up to meet the manpower training and knowledge upgradation needs of the industry.

The programmes offered through the CEP office, IIT Bombay have been fulfilling the wide spectrum of continuing educational needs of working professionals from different industries, and we justifiably take pride in the fact that it is one of the preferred continuing education centres, within the country. In recent times, the Continuing Education Programmes of IIT Bombay have also made their presence felt outside of the country, reaffirming their quality and outreach potential. While these programmes continue to promote the objectives of training and dissemination of knowledge related to the frontiers in technology & management, we also view these programmes as forums to.

  • Understand challenges and needs in technology & management more clearly.
  • Nucleate mutually enriching interactions with the industry fraternity.
  • Establish collaborative programs for addressing these challenges and further the state-of-the art.
The CEP Office at IIT Bombay is very well equipped to provide this continuing education needs through:
  • Outstanding Faculty and staff with a wide spectrum of expertise in science, technology and management.
  • State-of-the-art Computational and Laboratory facilities Excellent library with more than 1,97,000 books & 95,000 journals.
  • A soon-to-be-commissioned CEP guest house and campus environment

We invite you to look at our course calendar for our upcoming courses and programs, and stay connected with us on Facebook and LinkedIn. We also look forword to meeting you to discuss your professional traning needs.

The CEP Office can also work with you to develop courses tailored to meet your specific training requirements. Please do contact us so that we can understand your training needs.